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Colossal Yard Sale

Over the last few years, the Elk Altar Society, Inc. has developed the Colossal Yard Sale into a celebration event that brings folks from all over the area.  This year, as in past years, we attracted people from Sacramento, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Petaluma and many of the surrounding communities that we, jokingly, say are "suburbs of greater Greenwood/Elk". The weather was superb, thank you Lord, and the crowds were excited to be out supporting us.

Although this year was not our best sale ever, we did exceed our expectations with the quality and quantity of donations and we netted about $11,500.00. We work extremely hard for most of the year seeking donations, picking up, cleaning, storing, repairing, moving in preparation for the big event. We store our "treasures" in many of our own garages and homes, in storage buildings at the Blessed Sacrament church, in the church garage, and even under the church and rectory. It takes the coordination and cooperation of many dedicated volunteers from the Altar Society, church members and the community at large to make this a smooth and fruitful event.

The Colossal Yard Sale has been stated by some as; "The best yard sale on the north coast"., "An event we wouldn't miss"., "Soooo much fun!", "A wonderful place to help us furnish our home", "A great place to get a great deal", and "A great place to get a good lunch". We are sure that many people come just to watch people collect their new treasures.

Through the efforts of the many and the contributions of even more, the altar society collects funds that enable us to donate toward the continuing maintenance, upgrades and improvement of the Blessed Sacrament Church, the rectory building, the surrounding storage buildings, and the grounds as well as providing funds for outreach programs in the community.  Since 1994 the Elk Altar Society, Inc., through fund raisers and donations, has earned, and donated well over $203,603 toward our charter.


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