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Catholic Issues Group

Trinity Opposition is not inconsistent with solidarity....Far from rejecting the common good or the need of participation, it consists on the contrary in their confirmation.... Those who in this way stand up in opposition do not thereby cut themselves off from their community. On the contrary, they seek their own place and a constructive role within the community.

Karol Wojtyla,The Acting Person

Though the Blessed Sacrament Church is now a mission of St. Anthony's Parish, in Mendocino, CA., the Saint Aloysius Parish Catholic Issues Group was started when the church was part of St. Aloysius Parish, in Point Arena, CA., by then pastor Fr. John Martin. He encouraged several parishioners to get together to study issues of interest to Catholics. We leapt at the opportunity and since that time have been studying, writing, and providing articles to those within our Parish. As a group we decide what topics we wish to analyze. Each member of the group selects a topic, researches it and writes a paper. Then the paper is presented to the entire group for discussion, editing, and in some cases very extensive "word smithing." Once a final product is developed, copies are made and distributed following Mass to anyone who wishes to take one. A couple of weeks after "publication" of a paper, people are invited to attend a discussion session following the Sunday Mass at Mary, Star of the Sea in Gualala.

Since resources are so limited in our remote region, and there is very little opportunity to attend seminars, lectures, adult education classes, and so on, the activities this of group provide a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our faith, and to share with our fellow parishioners. Each of us has found that, in addition to increasing our knowledge about our church, so too, our love of our church has deepened. This in spite of sometimes disagreeing, in good conscience, with positions taken by some members of the hierarchy on various issues. Each of us has the duty to become informed about our faith on our pilgrim journey.

We are sharing with you several of our papers. It is our hope that something in our writings will stimulate you to respond to us in the format provided.

Some papers for your enjoyment:

The views presented in the following papers are those of the Issues Group and are not necessarily representative of the people of St. Aloysius Parish nor the Roman Catholic Church.


  1. Mandatory vs. Optional Celibacy for the Priesthood
  2. The Roman Catholic Church Organization
  3. Cleric & Lay in the First One Thousand Years + Cleric & Lay in the Second One Thousand Years
  4. The Roman Curia per the Catholic Almanac - 1994
  5. Do We Have Freedom of Thought and Speech on Church Matters?
  6. The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Church
  7. What did Jesus Say About Church?
  8. Papal Infallibility
  9. The Second Vatican Council
  10. Vatican II: A Council Rejected or Assimilated?
  11. Women in the Church

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