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St. Patrick's Party
Colossal Yard Sale


2009 saw many significant improvements at the Church/Rectory.   The planning for what transpired in  2009 goes back several years.  All our parishioners and visitors, while admiring the classic old structure, noted the water leaks, peeling paint and rotted siding.  Two termite inspections in 2008 confirmed the non-visible damage.  It was time to act.

Both fumigation and spot treatment removed the active termite population.  Damage the termites had done over the years was extensive and costly to repair.  Sub-floor framing was repaired where possible and replaced where required.  Siding and windows were removed and replaced in the rectory. New perimeter drainage and paving will reduce future water damage.  In all, the repairs cost in excess of $60,000

The major work on the church and rectory has been completed.  However, much remains to be done; i.e.: painting, additional drainage rerouting and landscaping.  Mission parishioners will tackle most of this work , but some may have to be contracted.   

Maintaining this classic and historic old church is vital to the community of Elk, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Without exception, both locals and visitors enjoy and appreciate the effort that goes into maintaining the historical structure.


This year’s annual Saint Patrick’s Party will take place on Saturday, March 13th at the Greenwood Community Center.

The party will begin at the Blessed Sacrament Church starting at 12:30pm with local singer Matthew Tyson performing traditional Irish ballads.  Mass will be celebrated by Father Lou Nichols starting at 1:00pm.  .

Following Mass the celebration continues at the Greenwood Community Center for the remainder of the day.  The Shamrock Bar will open at 2:00pm.  The traditional dinner of heaping plates of corned beef & cabbage, mashed potatoes, carrots, salad and our famous rum cake  will be served from 3:00pm until 8:00pm.  Price of dinner is $15 for adults and $6 for children under 12.

 Many of you will be pleased to know that there will once again be a dance this year starting at 9:00pm.

Cover charge for the dance only is $6.00.

The drawing for raffle prizes will take place at 10:00pm.  First prize is the traditional   completely filled cedar chest.  Other prizes are a handmade afghan, sawzall, bicycle,  6’ ladder, $100 gift certificate from Safeway and a host of others. Tickets can be purchased throughout the afternoon and evening.


St. Patrick’s Party Raffle 
Winners 2009

1)  Ruben Bacci  Cedar Chest 
2)  R.D. Beacon  Sawzall
 3)  R.D. Beacon  Bicycle
 4)  Nikki Piper  Afghan
 5)  Bonnie Giannini  Lighthouse Stay
 6)  2D Christiansen  Golf at Little River


A lovely grotto has been constructed at the southwest corner of the back yard behind the rectory.  It is nestled inside an arch and contains a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Two curved stone benches have been placed in front of the grotto.  There remains only some minor work on the arch plus planting of appropriate ‘deer resistant’ plants to beautify the setting.


 This year there were two scholarship winners from Mendocino Union High School.  They were Jullia Acker who is attending Lewis and Clark College and Tina Georganas.  Each student received $750.
This scholarship is only for qualified applicants living within the Elk zip code of 95432 who will attend an institution of higher learning; i.e. community college, four year college or university, or trade school.  Further information and application forms can be obtained from the Mendocino High School guidance counselor or Elk Altar Society at PO Box 17, Elk, CA  95432 or Ruth Cady at (707) 882-2349.

Cuffey’s Cove Catholic Cemetery

In 2009 the Mission, really the Bishop of Santa Rosa, acquired title to the Druid Cemetery adjacent to Cuffy's Cove Catholic Cemetery.  Regular grave sites and cremation sites are available to all members of the community.  Volunteers from the parish  have responsibility for maintenance and operations of the cemeteries.  Major work days are just before Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Families of those buried in the cemeteries are asked to maintain their own graves.  Many special projects need to be undertaken, i.e.: fencing, parking and repair of entrance gates are priorities.  While the Mission has funds set aside for some cemetery maintenance, the needed repairs will exceed available funds.

Carolyn “Callie” Sandkulla died peacefully in her home on the Sandkulla Ranch in Elk on April 18.  Callie was born on April 7, 1913 on the Swanson Ranch homesteaded by her grandfather.  Her family was among the early pioneer settlers on Greenwood Ridge where she lived her entire life .  She loved the outdoors and hunted and trapped in her youth, rode range on the Beacon Ranch for several years, raised sheep, picked apples, and performed all types of ranch work.  She was as much a part of the land as the redwoods that grow there.  Callie was preceded in death by her husband Chalmers  and son, Matthew.  She is survived by daughter Dorothy Cong of Elk, 4 grandchildren Patrick Cong, Daniel Cong, Caroline Cong of San Jose and Britt Sandkulla-Sinclair of Vallejo plus 12 great grandchildren in addition to numerous nieces and nephews.  She was the last of the “old timers” in the Elk area and she is truly missed. 


 The Elk Altar Society wishes to extend to our supporters our most sincere appreciation.  Your continued and generous support enables us to grant funding to the Blessed Sacrament Church for its ongoing maintenance and repair as well as provide food and  emergency lodging to those in need and other outreach as the situation arises.  

                                         COLOSSAL YARD SALE

The Elk Altar Society will resume its annual yard sale in 2010 to the delight of our friends  near and far.  Lots of wonderful items have already been donated, but we do need more.  You read about the costly repair work accomplished in 2009 on the church/rectory complex.  This severely reduced our funds.  Please be so kind as to check your garages and storage areas for any items that can be donated for the yard sale.  Your donations are tax deductible and we will send you a receipt.  If you need us to pick up furniture or other items just give us a call and we will make the necessary arrangements.  You may contact (707) 877-3275 or (707) 882-2349 .


This year the Altar Society will hold an Octoberfest.  It will take place sometime in the Fall.  Weather  permitting the event will be held in the back yard of the church/rectory which is really a spectacular setting.  There will be a limited number of tickets available.  Watch for this new event which will certainly be fun and entertaining.


    Saint Patrick’s Party:  March 13, 2010

     Colossal Yard Sale:   July 3 & 4, 2010

      Octoberfest:  No firm date

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