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Sister Maura Murphy

Sister Maura is a native of San Francisco. She went to Ursuline schools as a youth and then attended university at New Rochelle in New York, also an Ursuline institution. Upon completion of her studies, she moved back to the west taking additional courses through the Pacific Coast Branch of the Catholic University of America.

Maura made her religious profession in 1949, after which she taught for several years and became a principal at St. John's High School in San Francisco. She also served as Superior at the Ursuline Convent in Santa Rosa, California. She then held the position as Provincial of the Western Province encompassing Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and California. After completing this assignment, she went into Parish Ministry.

In 1992 Sister Maura moved to the Pacific north Coast in Parish Ministry (for which we are eternally grateful).

Sister Celeste Dempsey

Sister Celeste is a native of Santa Rosa, California. She went through her early schooling in Santa Rosa at Saint Rose, after which she attended university at New Rochelle in New York. She also enrolled in continuing education at the University of San Francisco.

Celeste taught Santa Rosa and Novato, California and also taught in Alaska. She then became connected with the Sister's Religious Formation. Celeste served as Provincial of the Western Province just prior to Sister Maura after which she served as Administrator at Ursuline.

In 1992, just eight months after Sister Maura, Celeste moved to the Pacific North Coast.

Sister's Maura and Celeste have become, in the words of Lisa Walters (writer for the Independent Coastal Observer) the "Coast's Hidden Strengths". In addition to teaching and "Normal Parish Ministry", they manage the Good Buy Clothes Store.

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