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Rectory 1895

On steps:  C.J. Buchanan,  Father Walruzel,  Carpenter (Pt. A.),  Judge Agnew, John Conway,  M. Donahue
L to R:  Hugh Buchanan,  Joe Fisher,  Annie Huot,  Flossie Cotter,  John Agnew,  H. Buchanan
Donald Buchanan (child),  James Cooney,  Charles Rafter,  Ed Buchanan,  Agnes Dougherty,  Nell Lynch
Mrs. Donahue,  Mrs. Conway,  Kathryn Cooney,  Lulu Meade,  Mrs. Buchanan,  Nellie Carter
Mrs. Rafter,  Margaret McMaster,  Charles Lynch,  Mrs. Agnew,  Mrs. Ballantine (one face hidden)
George Lynch,  Ed Lynch, Eugene Lynch,  (Front: children): Frank Buchanan,  John Cooney,  Alice Cooney
Mary Cooney,  Flora Buchanan,  Felicitas Rafter

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