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Kenney House circa 1865

James Kenney, a native of Ireland, settled in the area in 1855. It was largely through his initiative that Cuffey's Cove grew and prospered. The large home he built still stands as a legacy to this early period of our history.

Blessed Sacrament Church circa 1900

The Blessed Sacrament Church was built in 1896 under the leadership of Reverend Father White, an English priest. Here is the Blessed Sacrament as it appeared around the turn on the 20th century.

Blessed Sacrament Church circa 1900

Father Marianus Fiege, one of the first English Franciscan Capuchins who took charge of the coastal missions, came from Liverpool, England. By 1907 the spiritual care of all Mendocino County Catholics was under the direction of the Franciscan Capuchins. Fr. Fiege was the Superior of the Capuchins.

Altar Society 1956

A gathering of the Elk Altar Society approximately 1953 or 1954. Priest is Father Antonine Keating, OFM Cap..

Cuffey's Cove as it appeared probably in the 1880s or so. Note the spire of St. Mary, Star of the Sea at the far left of the photo.

Cuffey Cuffey's Cove taken looking north.
Cuffey’s Cove Lumber schooners in bay at Cuffeys Cove

Cuffey's Cove was a town built around the timber industry. Railroad ties, split stuff (shingles), lumber and tan bark were shipped to San Francisco on schooners such as these.

James Kenney donated the land for the Catholic Cemetery and church to the Diocese of Marysville in 1879. Father Sheridan had St. Mary, Star of the Sea constructed about 1880.

St Mary, Star of the Sea St Mary, Star of the Sea at Cuffey's Cove
Greenwood at turn of the 20th century.

As a result of fire destroying most of the town of Cuffey's Cove plus the construction of a mill one mile south in Greenwood, the community became a "ghost town." Greenwood became the center of the lumber industry.

The wharf at Greenwood where the lumber schooners loaded their cargo to be taken to San Francisco.

Rectory circa 1895

The rectory was constructed under the direction of Father Walruzel approximately 1882.

L to R: Hugh Buchanan, Joe Fisher, Annie Huot, Flossie Cotter, John Agnew, H. Buchanan, Donald Buchanan (child), James Cooney, Charles Rafter, Ed Buchanan, Agnes Dougherty, Nell Lynch, Mrs. Donahue, Mrs. Conway, Kathryn Cooney, Lulu Meade, Mrs. Buchanan, Nellie Carter, Mrs. Rafter, Margaret McMaster, Charles Lynch, Mrs. Agnew, Mrs. Ballantine, (one face hidden), George Lynch, Ed Lynch, Eugene Lynch
(Front: children): Frank Buchanan, John Cooney, Alice Cooney, Mary Cooney, Flora Buchanan, Felicitas Rafter

Here is an interior photo of the Blessed Sacrament Church taken probably before 1900.

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This sun room was added to the rectory about 1890's or early 1900s. Here is a photo of Rose Smith in the sunroom.

Pictured here is Father Blanderfield, OFM Cap., with the First Holy Communion group about 1907.

from the top
Michael McMaster, Francis Buchanan, Michael Guerra, Joe Cooney, Andy Cooney, Lester McMaster, Justin Buchanan

Mamie Cooney, Collie Buchanan, Alice Cooney, Katherine Cooney

Flora Buchanan, Catherine McMaster, Eve Guerra
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