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 The Blessed Sacrament Church, located in Elk, CA was built in 1896.  Although the church has undergone some structural modifications, every effort is being made to maintain its historical integrity.  As you will note, the inside of the church remains very traditional in appearance.  Enjoy a brief pictorial tour of the church, old and new.

The Blessed Sacrament Church as it appeared about 100 years ago. Blessed Sacrament at the turn of the 20th century The Blessed Sacrament today. Note the tall tower at the back of the church no longer stands. Current Blessed Sacrament Church
The bell was removed from the tower (in left facing front of church) during the 1970's. It originally came from St. Mary, Star of the Sea which stood at Cuffey's Cove, about 1 mile north of Elk. Bell from Mary, Star of the Sea Inside the Blessed Sacrament Church. The interior looks much the same as it did decades ago. Inside the Blessed Sacrament Church today
A close-up of the altar. One of the few "traditional" altars still in churches today. Traditional Altar in the Blessed Sacrament Church Statue of St. Joseph holding the Christ Child. St. Joseph and Jesus Statue
Statue of St. Anthony de Padua. Another of the few statues remaining in traditional churches today. St. Anthony de Padua statue Statue of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. A beautiful depiction of the Lord. Sacred Heart of Jesus statue
Another view of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Sacred Heart of Jesus statue on the side altar The Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus. The Apse behind the arches is the Organ Room. Blessed Virgin Mary with Jesus on the  right side altar
A close-up of The Virgin Mary with Jesus as a child. Close-up of Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus statue The old baptismal font is located under the right front tower of the church. Note the stained glass window and the Stations of the Cross. All of the windows and Stations have a plaque naming donors - original families in the area 100 years ago. Baptismal font in the rear of the Blessed Sacrament

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